"We bring algae products to the world"

Culture Fuels is a technology developer with an advanced cultivation platform which enables large-scale production of algae to be used in producing biofuels, aviation fuels, feed, protein and nutraceuticals.




November 2013: Jesse Jenkins of TheEnergyCollective.com interviews Lawrence Walmsley based on the results of the Boston Ultra Light StartUp competition

Small Scale Equipment

FloatAlgae 70

Volume: 70 L
Surface area: 0.9 m2
Status: Available for order

FloatAlgae 70 

Large Scale Equipment

FloatAlgae 2500

Volume: 2,500 L
Surface area: 50 m2
Biomass produced annually: 300 – 400 kg
Status: Available for order

FloatAlgae 2500 

Facility - South West, FL


Culture Fuels is currently operating a demonstration facility in Southwest Florida

South West, FL›



Facility - Lakeland, FL


Culture Fuels has been operating a small pilot facility in Lakeland, Florida since 2011

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